The vast majority of San Remo pasta is made at our pasta factory in Windsor Gardens, South Australia. It is made using Australian grown durum wheat and you can find more information about this here. Our specialty pasta products, such as our gluten free ranges, are made in our dedicated facilities in Italy to guarantee food safety as no gluten-containing products or raw materials are handled on those sites.

To confirm where your favourite San Remo product is made, simply look at the back of the packet and look for the following Country of Origin labels:

What is San Remo pasta made from?

Majority of our standard Pasta is made from Australian grown Durum Wheat. The wheat is milled into semolina, then mixed with water and extruded into the pasta shapes we know and love, like spaghetti or fettuccine. The pasta is then dried, this lower water activity gives it a naturally longer shelf life to be enjoyed.

Why can’t I find a use by date?

As dry pasta has greater than 2 years shelf life we are not required to put a ‘best before’ date on the packaging.

However you can find a production date on all San Remo Pasta packaging, displayed in the Julian date format of YDDD – The first number representing the year and last three the day of that year. E.g. 8144 would be the 144th day of 2018, which is 24/05/2018 and 0025 would be the 25th day of 2020, which is 25/01/2020.

When stamped on our packs there may be an ‘L’ or ‘F’ in front of these numbers. E.g. L0026 or F8144.

What is San Remo Wholemeal pasta made from?

Our Wholemeal Pasta is made from Wholemeal Durum Wheat Semolina. However, it may contain traces of egg from shared equipment.

Is San Remo pasta suitable for Vegans?

The majority of our dry pasta is suitable to be enjoyed by Vegans. The exception to this would be our Dry Pasta – Egg products (i.e. NIDI range) and our Fresh Egg Pasta products. We also now have a Vegan Fresh Pasta range which you can find more information about here.

Where can I find the pasta ingredient listing?

Each San Remo Pasta is clearly labelled with an ingredient listing on the back of the pack.

Why is my pasta a different colour?

Every effort is made during processing to monitor and maintain a consistent looking San Remo pasta product. The wheat our pasta is made from is a natural raw material, so will always be subject to some seasonal variation.

Due to drought conditions in many Australian wheat growing areas, the wheat harvested during this period has produced flour substantially darker than previous years.

How can I request a product to be placed/ranged in my local supermarket?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide detailed information on specific supermarkets as we distribute to the major Distribution Centres and they deliver to individual stores.

Here are a few options if a product is not available on the shelves at the time you wish to purchase:

  • Woolworths: has an in-store product request form and an online feedback form.
  • Coles: has an in-store request form, phone 1800 061 562 and select option 8, or an online feedback form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.
  • IGA: Speak to the Store or Grocery Manager and they will generally order a product in for you.

Can you tell me more about your Gluten Free Pasta range?

At San Remo, we have strict control measures for food allergens and our Quality and Production Teams ensure that these measures are implemented and are adhered to at all times.

All San Remo Gluten Free Pasta products are manufactured in our exclusively gluten-free facility in Italy, with robust quality and food safety measures in place. No gluten-containing products/raw materials are handled in our manufacturing site. For each batch of ingredients, we receive, we require certificates of analysis from our suppliers showing that gluten is absent in the ingredients they supply.

Our Standard Operating Procedures include Allergen Control starting from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch. We have validated our claim that no gluten remains in the San Remo Gluten Free Pasta through laboratory testing at an accredited laboratory, and we verify that there is no detectable gluten present in the product through annual testing, as required by Australian regulations.

Our Gluten Free products are also endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Can I get some information on pasta production for my school project?

Unfortunately, San Remo is unable to provide detailed information on our pasta production process, due to its sensitive commercial nature.

For general product information, please visit the ‘Our Pasta’ page on this website or these other handy references professionalpasta.it or ilovepasta.org.

Does San Remo conduct factory tours?

At this point in time, we are not running tours of our Windsor Gardens facility as it is not configured to cater for tour groups.

How do I apply for a job at San Remo?

For employment opportunities please visit our Careers section at https://sanremo.com.au/contact/careers/


Additionally, If you wish to send a copy of your resume to employment@sanremo.com.au (Attn: HR Department), we will keep it on record for up to 3 months.

Why does my Gluten Free box not have an inner plastic bag?

San Remo is committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint hence why we have removed the plastic inner bag from our Gluten Free packaging.

Please be assured that we do monitor the storage of all our packaging materials to ensure that they are clean, hygienic and suitable for food contact. There is no food poisoning risk associated with food being packaged in cardboard.