Tuesday 15 May 2018 – Family owned Australian company, San Remo is helping Aussie families to rediscover the joy and connection created by sharing a family meal in recognition of International Day of Families.

Providing home-grown pasta products since 1936, San Remo has been part of Australian families for over 80 years and believes a great pasta meal has the power to bring people together.

San Remo Chief Marketing Officer, Erik de Roos, says the dinner table is a place and time where everyone can stop, relax and connect with one another.

“No matter what’s happened during the day – if it’s been tough or upsetting or exciting or fun or happy or sad – you can put it aside for that small amount of time to focus on the simple act of enjoying a meal and topping up on what the day has taken out of you.

“You’ll be hard pressed to find a family who doesn’t love pasta which makes it a perfect choice for dinner. Consequently, rather than being a functional meal, we like to think of San Remo pasta as the glue that brings people together and acts as the enabler of many cherished memories.”

San Remo has epitomised the culture and tradition of pasta making since its inception in 1936, when it was founded by Luigi Crotti. The company’s commitment to family values is as strong now as it was then.

“The dinner table was probably a little different back in 1936 when compared to today, and maybe the typical family or household was too, but what hasn’t changed is the enjoyment and connection you get from sharing good food with people who are close to you,” says Erik.

“One of the beautiful things about pasta is its versatility: with so many shapes, sizes and varieties on offer there really is a product to suit every family and its unique needs. As we like to say – there’s a San Remo pasta shape for every shape of family!”

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