Research released today exploring the takeaway habits of every day Australians has found that over 1 in 5 are purchasing takeaway on a weekly basis.

The research – carried out in August 2019 on behalf of San Remo pasta – revealed that households with children aged under 18 are the biggest takeaway consumers, particularly families with children under three, where one in ten are purchasing takeaway daily.

The average Australian spends $23.70 on a takeaway meal, which equates to over $1,200 a year for those purchasing weekly – the approximate cost of holiday for two in Bali*. This rises to $36.20 for families with children aged between three and 12.

Women turning to convenience food more than men
Interestingly, Australian women are consuming takeaway significantly more than men, with over two in five (41 per cent) purchasing takeaway at least once a week, compared with 27 per cent of men. Despite high workforce participation, statistics show that women still do the lion’s share of housework and childcare**. This ‘double load’ may indicate why they are turning to convenience options. Women also spend more on takeaway compared to men – $27.70 vs $21.40 per delivery.

With economic growth in negative territory and persistent wage stagnation, San Remo wants to raise awareness among consumers of the cost-effectiveness, ease and versatility of pasta as an alternative to expensive take-outs.

Erik de Roos, chief marketing officer, San Remo comments: “It’s never been easier to order takeaway, with diverse cuisines on their way to you at the touch of a button. This research reveals that many who are time-poor are defaulting to takeaway on a regular basis. We want to show Australians that it’s easy to make simple, nutritious meals with pasta, often for less than the cost of the delivery fee alone, and in less time.”

Additional findings

• Students are big takeaway consumers – Aussie students are also ordering takeaway frequently, with 46 per cent of full-time students, two-thirds (66 per cent) of part time students (who work full time), and nearly 2 in 5 (39 per cent) of part time students (working part time) ordering at least once a week.

• Unemployed choose convenience – 30 per cent buy takeaway at least once a week, as do nearly half of all ‘homemakers’ (42 per cent)

• Age affects takeaway habits – Younger people purchase takeaway most often – it’s a daily habit for approximately 1 in 10 aged 25-29, while 1 in 5 are buying it ‘a few times a week’. Those aged 30-34 spend the most, an average of $31.30 per meal.

• National differences – When looking across each state/ territory, residents of Victoria and Northern Territory are purchasing takeaway most frequently with 44 per cent of those in the NT buying at least once a week. In urban areas, over 2 in 5 (43 per cent) Sydneysiders are buying at least once a week and spending the most of all the capital cities across Australia ($26.80), with Melbourne ($25.90) and Hobart ($25.80) not far behind.

San Remo has released a special collection of ‘budget busting’ recipes to show Australians of all backgrounds and ages some easy, nutritious ways to prepare a meal, without having to invest in expensive ingredients or devote hours of their precious time. These include San Remo Tubular Spaghetti with Napolitana Sauce & Fresh Basil and San Remo Wagon Wheels with Cauliflower, Lemon &, Chilli, which can be made with ingredients costing less than $5 for a family of four – less than the average delivery fee of a takeaway.***

De Roos continues, “We’re all leading busy lives, and often finding time to prepare a meal for the family can seem overwhelming. Ordering a delivery from a phone app can become the default. But these costs can add up. Preparing a meal doesn’t have to be hard work, or overly time-consuming, and cooking together can be a rewarding activity for all the family.”

View the Budget Busting collection of recipes here.

*based on Flight Centre deal for flights and 7 nights’ accommodation, September 2019
** Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia
***Based on average Uber Eats delivery fee of $5.